2003 EXC soft seat?

Does anybody make a soft seat for a 2003 450 exc? I know EE makes one for the 2004-5 models but I can not find any info on my year.......help my sore @$$ pleez!

There are no complete seats available for the older models as far as I know, I was looking for one for my 2000 300EXC. You can however, buy the soft foam, and a new cover if you need, and put it together yourself. I'm not too thrilled about trying to staple the thing together myself, but I betcha any upholstery shop could do it very easily and probably not charge an arm and a leg.

There are complete seats (SDG, Moose, etc) for the older bikes but they get mixed reviews. I would and do go with Guts foam and covers on our sub-03 KTM's.

Guts Racing has complete seats for all KTM'S 98-06 125-525 sx/exc/mxc small or large tanks. gutsracing.com or 1-800-342-1272

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