2 questions

who has been to sandhill mx? and while im at it what is your guys/girls favorite track or place to ride?

Jason (Sandhill MX) is in a battle over sound issues from the last I've heard. I don't have any info on the track (its on my list though). I've rode all the FL tracks but Pepsi air dania, Dade City, County Line and Sand mountain. All have their own little pro's/con's but I like (in no particular order) Bithlo, Thundercross, Bartow, Mulberry (don't know if that is still open), PaxTraX, Bostwick, Waldo, Hardrock. Don't really care for Sunshine, Cully's, North FL MX or QuikTraX. Let me know where your riding and if there's no FTR event I might join you.

Don :D

btw, prosportsusa has all the tracks

Theres a couple of us heading over there this sunday, guess they want to get in one last practice day before things get heated in the court room.

Their event calender and recording says the track is open this sunday, it looks fun, but untill you ride it, ya never know.

Dono your preference is speed or jumps or what , on tracks you prefer ? just curious . And by the way if sound is an issue , to whom this concerns ,try to quiet down those noisey pipes . We are loosing ground !!!

I just notice the time stamp and was wandering why dono was up at 3 am. But my post is way off too. Timer must be off ? Or does this posting go to china first ? :D


Times are PST (west coast -that's where TT resides), I get in work between 6-6:30 and do all my unclass work first (includes TT posting, replying, LMAO) before going inside.

I do not have a preference (track technical features, speed, etc.) and ride anywhere available (trails/tracks). I am a glutton for punishment and like to get my moneys worth wherever I go. I continue to practice everything so that I "one day", can hang in the trails with Mr. Smooth and Durtslinger (Although I think I have them beat on the track for sure :D )

Sound issues are being addressed this year by FTR (I plan to get involved for sure) for "all" racing events. Now what does that mean , not for sure right now but I will be passing info along as I understand it.

Don :D

i think mulberry is still open. however last i heard the bulldozer got stolen. who knows what the hell is really going on with rumors like i get. i took my brothers to dade city on thursday of last week. it was raining and lightning like right in my face. i didnt even unload there bike and tried to get my money back. the track owner wouldnt give me my 40 bucks back. so IMO he's a dick and the track aint worth a crap anyway. dont bother heading that way. right now my favorite is hardrock

The guy at Hardrock is cool he'll give you a rain check even if you've been there a couple of hours. :D

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