Using stock # plate w/Acerbis fender??

I put an Acerbis supermoto fender on my 01 YZ250F, but lower part of the stock numberplate wouldn't work with the new fender. The shape of the top of the Acerbis fender doesn't match the bottom of the stock numberplate. Do You guys just trim the numberplate to match the fender or maybe put spacers between the top of the fender and the tripple clamp? I'd like to hear what You guys have done. I'd like it to look as nice as possible. Thanks, Hutch :D

on my RMZ 450 it did the same i just bolt it up and called it good you cant even tell

For a Yamaha toss the Acerbis fender and Buy a Yamaha YZ 85 looks great and that is what the factory riders have on there bikes.

I tried just bolting the fender on with the stock numberplate on...doesn't work...the numberplate doesn't alow the fender to butt up against the tripple clamp. I like the yz 85 and maier ideas though. Thanks guys. :D

take a knife to it and go riding

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