yz 450 in the dunes-gas mpg

i ride in the dunes at glamis. i am thinking of getting a bigger tank, cuase i only have 1.8 gal tank, what kind of gas mileage do u guys get on a 450?

ISBB goes by hours out in the dunes... I figure on my wr i can A either make it from osbourne to Pair-A-Dice and back with some playing in between... or i can make a NICE long 5 hour dune ride and have some gas to get back on... thats generally what i go by.. :D Just make a 1 hour trip from Gecko to Olds race up the hill a half dozen times or so.. get back to camp and see how much gas is left.. if half a tank you can make it about 3 hours of dunin riding... if more then obviously longer... just a trial and error thing..

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