420 chain set up?

I was wondering how to set up a xr100 for a 420 chain. :D What size front and rear sprocket do i need to get? How will it change the bikes speed?


XR80 sprokets will fit on the 100. going up on the rear or down on the front will increase power where down in the back and up in the front will give you speed. Is your xr100 stock?

Actually, if you converted it, you WON'T notice any difference. But your motor will pulling less mass and you will have less unsprung weight. Technically, it will rev a little better, but you won't notice the improvement. Do I run 420's on my bikes???? YES, because every little bit helps.

Yea the bock is stock, but in going to buy a procircuit exhaust for it. If I got a smaller front sprocket and kept the back the same then I could get the 420 chain?? :D

no you cant. 420 sprokets arent as wide as the 428. I would suggest other mods before you try this, as this wouldn't be noticeable.

if you got the pro circuit pipe and an air filter and made som air box mods then rejetted it you would notice an improvement then you could get a larger aftermarket front sprocket to fit xr 80 and it would bolt onto your 100 but is desighned to fit a 420 chain same with the rear except smaller sprocket and that would substantially increas your speed but you would lose some low end torque

Keeping the same size is one thing if you go to a 420 setup... trying to use a 428 sprocket on a 420 chaing is another...

Do them as a set...

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