Hows my corner form?

Get a little higher up on the tank, stick your leg out more horizontal with the shroud, and lay your bike down through the corner, that way you can carry a lot more speed through the corner. Make sure you have good throttle/clutch control too.

Im up pretty high on the tank (guess a side veiw wouldnt have been bad)... Yeah I am still working on getting it lower in flatter corners too. Thanks for the reply man.

Just beacue its lower to the ground means its going faster, why does everyone think that. It makes me mad. Raaise that leg up and as for getting it lower, I say your fine.

^ just like crf_173 said, you can carry more speed thru the corner. The lower you are the more weight/force you can apply into the corners. Therefore you can carry more speed without washing out, and you can come into the corner faster/more aggressive.

Someone please correct me if im wrong, Im no mx racer. But it seems like simple pyshics.

You look pretty good. Slide forward a little bit, get that leg up and this is the most important; lay the bike over before you sit down! You want your ass sitting on the outside edge of the seat, unless you have a good rut or berm to keep your tire planted. Try to not only weight the outside peg, but push back on it too. This will not only keep the rear end where it needs to be, but will help keep you forward on the bike. :D

Plus it looks so dusty, it'd be a bitch keeping that bike goin where you want to if you leaned it over a lot.

I'd just bring that leg closer into the bike and that elbow up.

Why aren't you using that nice looking rut/berm on the edge? It looks like the fastest line.

In the corner in the second picture i would try and flat track style around it since there doesnt seem to appear to be any good ruts in it.

I wasnt really worried about line choice i was just practicing different corner lines, they dont hold races a this track anymore so i just use it for practicing... Well since the corner is kinda flat track style and very slick I thought my leg was in a good position, Im not really worried about having my leg so high up on flat corners, just in ruts. Thanks for the replys too guys.

dont drag ur foot it might get caught on somethin.


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id say the one thing i noticed in the second pic is your inside elbow, its too close to your body and low. That takes all your leverage out of the equation. You could be a little more upright on the bike, on the left side of the seat. That berm looks really soft so id say the fastest line would be flat tracking it or squaring the corner off which is probably what I would do. I would carry a ton of speed into the turn, lock the rear up and lean the bike over til it hits that berm then launch out of the corner. but its really hard to get a feel from the pictures since the whole corner isnt in the pics. anymore pics would help.

Why aren't you using that nice looking rut/berm on the edge? It looks like the fastest line.

Yeah, I'd lean it into that!


It's really hard to critique cornering without having a video to watch.

Like i said i am not worried about the fasest line becuase that is just a practice track so i experiment and get practice on all different lines

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