1999 and newer KX Cartridge Holding Tool Part#?

Hi. I am working on a friend's 2000 KX125 forks, and of course, we don't have the service manual. He is doing a fork swap onto another bike if that will let some slack get cut for us. :D Anyway, is there a Kawasaki "special tool" fork cartridge holding tool listed in the service manuals for the 1999 and newer KX125's and KX250's? If so, can someone give me the part number? I looked on the Race Tech site, and they do not list a cartridge holding tool for those years of bikes. The only KX tool they list is for 1989 - 1998 KX125/KX250 and 1989 - 2004 KX500. I'll guess that is a 57001-1057 equivalent tool. I already have the 57001-1057, but it is not for the newer forks.

Thanks for any help on the part number.

By the way, I know I could hit it with the air gun :D , but I would rather have the tool, especially on reassembly and proper torque.

Thanks again.

you want buy this??? make it yourself. take a pvc-tube inner diameter 28mm, outer 32mm, cut it like this:

cartridge holder

Lowe's and Home Depot were fresh out of 28mm ID/32mm OD PVC pipe, so I spent about two hours grinding away at a 1" PVC pipe. For anyone else who reads this in the future, that idea may work well if you have had them out before and didn't Loc-Tite them back in, but I had to grind the PVC so thin that it cracked one of the four extensions when I took the forks apart. I found the part number information on another site, and the tool was $84 at ronayers. Motion Pro has a tool that may work, so I am going to try it.

Thanks for the suggestion/encouragement, kawamaha.

---Follow-up in case someone finds this thread in a search.---

I got tired of not knowing, so I bought the service manual. There is a 1999 KX125/KX250 specific tool, then a 2000 - 2002 (maybe more years) tool. The dimensions are different.

The Motion Pro tool won't work. The nice salesperson measured the dimensions of their tool while I was on the phone, but the tool is not the right size.

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