New bike!!

Just picked up my 05' YZ250F today... :D havent ridden it yet, I will tomorrow.. but its sweeeeeeet. my frame guards and # plate backrounds are on order too...

and before you ask why I didnt get an 06'... its gonna be like 2-3 months before they get here and i don't have that much $$$

here's some pics...




cool pic...


sweet bike man :D

Congrats man, have fun, beat it up, lol.

dont you just love the look of a new bike.

pretty sight all that fresh paint is. Too bad it wont last long. :D

Dont beat it up. Treat her like you would a child. Congratulations.

Its amazing my bike actually use to look like that!! Nice bike :D


I definately think it needs beat up, thats what these things are built for, ride em hard, beat em up, and when they break fix them. That is the only thing that gives me a job, lol

Mine used to look like that on the outside though it still looks that good inside - that's the most important part. Change the oil often, check valves soon, clean air filter often and it will provide you with easy starts and many successful days of riding :D:D:D

Thanks guys... I went riding today and just kinda broke it in, but still, i love it! im suprised at how quick it revs...

and i think ill wait a little while till I go out and thrash it.. haha

hopefully my frame guards and skidplate will be in soon... because the paint is already startin to wear off...

and a quick question.. the engine probly only ran for about an hour today... should i change the oil and filter now? Or can it go a couple more rides??


i would change it

ok.. i was probably going to anyways... just wanted some outside opinion.

looks good man

nice'll be pleased!

I went for another ride today.. I love this bike... awesome power, handling, suspension. I even love the sound... haha

so its pretty much perfect for me, just maybe some taller bars in the future...

One more question.. im sure this has been covered before, but about how long should i go between oil changes?

man i beat the hell out of mine. at least i did

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