XR200 sprocket order

I blew it and bought the biggest piece of crap XR200 within a 50-mile radius (I have since redeemed myself and bought a super-clean '88 XR200 for $900 :D ). Anyway, now that I'm trying to recoup some of what I will most likely lose on it, I'm cleaning it up in the hopes of getting something back out of it. The bike is an '82. The rear sprocket is sloppy on the hub. I noticed that there is a circlip and a large washer which fits around the hub. My problem is that whether I put the washer under or over the sprocket and then put the circlip on, there still remains a little bit of slop to the sprocket. Are there supposed to be two of these large washers? I have the Honda manual but nothing is matching up. Most likely this is some scrounged system courtesy of the DPO. I broke every personal rule when I bought this bike (looked at it at night, in a hurry to get it) and now I'm paying for it. :D

That's what Bike Bandit had for an '82 XR200R? That's way off. This bike I have has 5 sprocket studs, not 4. Most likely that's the twin-shock rear wheel. Oh well, thanks for checking. :D

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