how offten do i replace my cam chain?????????????

I am just now having eric gorr install all of the kibblewhite valvetrain. and i just wanted to know how often i need to replace my cam chain? :eek: and also since he is putting in stiffer springs will this be harder on the chain?

thanks. :eek::D:D:D

I replace mine about every 10-20 hours or when I check the valves. A little extreme, but this is where the valve troubles start. Also pay attention to the crankshaft sprocket. This is a expensive repair if the sprocket is bad, as it is a part of the crank. Also inspect the chain adjuster, I have seen these get get crap in them and stop adjusting (Bad news!)

The chain is only $30.00 so it is not that expensive of a deal. I usually order 3 at a time so I have them. Very simple process to ensure the life of your scotter! :D

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