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3rd/5th gears Bye Bye

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Ok guys,

Engine is now out and it would appear that I need a new 3rd, 5th (dogs gone) and selector fork (big groove in it), we have check all other parts and everything looks tip top, The only other part we are thinking about changing while its apart are the rings and Cam chain...

Question: Is there anything else you would recommend changing while the Engine is a jigsaw puzzle

Also I read from Searching this is resolved on the 05, if this is true, are the part numbers the same or should I be ordering 05 parts ??

Thanks in Advance



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I had mine do the very same thing.

I replaced the rings and broke in the rings for @300 miles

before putting in sythetic oil.

After 2 years of riding you may replace the cam chain.(cheap=$20) People have suggested that before. You should have a look at your cam sprokets(top & bottom) , look for any wear. I doubt you will see anything but that's what people told me to do when mine went down.

It took me 5 weeks to get all the gears from Yamaha. Wasted half the summer.

Be sure to buy some moly lube for assembly of the cams, piston pin, etc.

I really used the moly when I re-assebled the engine and there were no problems with the clutch slipping.

Hint: put the clutch actuating arm in the engine before putting the clutch assembly in. Order in critical.

Good Luck.

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