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DRZ 400 Rear Shock

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Has anyone dismantled a 2000 DRZ400 rear shock? Am mechanically able to do job, just unsure of procedure. What weight of oil for shock? Have Nitrogen for re-gas, also have genuine service manual, not much help though. Any help appreciated.

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Have a look in www.racetech.com

Following is a snipit from a pdf that I think came from there

Pm me fore the pdf

Instructions for 5016 Showa shock rebuild and valve installation:

Disassemble shock completely:

Remove spring:

-Spring removal can occur by loosening the preload washers on the shock body buy using

a soft drift to loosen the lock spanner and then hand turning the preloading ring. For

speed and ease we recommend that a spring compressor be used.

-After spring removal inspect shock for leaks and wear.

-Prepare the shock for easy cleaning and rebuilding by reducing compression and

rebound damping to full soft.

-Prior to bottom out cap removal, counter sink the removal holes. This prevents the edges

from being distorted.

-Using a large radiuses punch remove the seal cap by driving it off the body gently. Tap

from both sides to ease the strain.

-Remove the nitrogen charge.

-Using a seal head driver depress the seal head and expose the circlip

-Using an appropriate circlip remover remove the circlip.

-Remove the compression rod by gently rocking the assembly out of the body, and dump

the oil in the piston side of the body.

-Using a bladder driver press the bladder into the body far enough to expose the circlip.

–Remove the circlip and remove the bladder using a removal tool. Dump the oil in the

reservoir side of the body.

-Remove the adjuster using the Scotts removal tool. Many times on the RM models and

the DRZ have an AL spacer is placed behind the adjuster. Take care not to lose this piece.

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Yes, I have,,,, several of them... It is doable,, But there are some basic things you need to understand.... The manual as you noticed is useless, as they consider it all one replacement part,, not to be worked on. :D

A Race tech vid is really usefull if you have never had the shock apart before,, better yet, a friend who has to walk you through it would be even better.. Where ya at?

You need not only the dry Nitrogen, but the correct high/low pressure regulator/gage/filling attachments to correctly fill a very low volume high pressure shock bladder. Most shops will charge the shock for a small fee.

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