Tank to xr400


My name i Lars and I´m new on this site. Good site!

I wonder if there is anyone or know anyone that have

a red gastank to a xr400 -00 for sale??

I have tried to find one in Sweden, but havent find anyone.

I hope you can help me!

I will pay for ev. shipping to Sweden.


Hi Lars,

Check out IMS 4.0gal or Acerbis has one also.

By the way, hows riding in Sweden? I live in Northern California and am moving to Sweden (outside of stockholm most likely.) I have an XR400 that's street legal here. Do you know if it would be possible to register it for street in Sweden or is it easy to find dualsport bikes that are mainly dirt??



Hi Bearburrell!

I´m looking in the first hand after a used original red tank to xr400 -00.

Here in Sweden there is fine terrain and many very nice roads.

And many fine roads in the woods.

There is one good site with offroad and many around Stockholm on


I have precisely bought an xr400 from a guy that moved from The U.S.A. to Sweden. There wherent any problems with register it ”street legal”.

There is many dualsportsbike´s but I think that they are a little expensive. You can look on www.blocket.se and on www.enduromx.se to see what there is and what they are costing.


I have a white one if it would help you P.M.me for info.

30 bucks you pay shipping.

thanks for the good info. can you please give me your email for other ??s. Thanks very much


you have PM bear! :D


I have a white one if it would help you P.M.me for info.

30 bucks you pay shipping.

Thank you Rockjockey! (Good price, pity that the not was red)

But want to have it red plastic, anyone another that have some?

excuse my wrong writing but have a translationprogram :D


Check out eBay - - they have stock XR400 tanks quite frequently. Just do a search on XR400 and XR 400.

Hi StillKickin!

I will check on ebay, thanks for the tips!

If you see one please let me now.


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