rebound screws snapped

On my xr, the rear shocks rebound screw has snapped in half. The result is that one half off the screw head is still intact but the other half is gone, making it imposible to turn. I wouldnt care, but its in the full rebound position and has been for some time. Does this occur often? Any one wanna share some thoughts? :D

I had the same problem with mine after I bought it used, the previous owner power washed his bike a LOT and the entire shock shaft was full of corrosion.

It won't be cheap but you can buy the shock shaft with the rebound screw for around $200.00 BUT if you go to your Honda dealer and order the entire shock shaft as an assembly it is about $185.00 and it is everything, valving, piston, sealhead etc.

That is what I did and my buddy has all the tools so a couple of hours later we had it apart, cleaned, and back together. If you don't have the tools any suspension shop will be able to do this for you.

so its not an ordinary screw, can i not Drill it out.?

No it is not an ordinary screw, it is a tapered screw that moves a shaft up and down inside the main shock shaft, opening and closing a hole for oil to go through. Call any suspension shop and talk to them but you are going to have to replace the main shaft at the least. Will be a good time to re-valve if needed.

this is bad. but before going to honda and paying through the nose, you may be able to mcguyver

i'm thinking take the shock off and mix up some two-part epoxy and gluea small piece of metal on there...wait a full day and maybe it will turn like a screw again.

then get it set in the middle, 7 clicks and don't use it again.

I was going to suggest you get a very small drill bit, drill a hole 4 -5 mm deep in the existing damaged screw head, put in some jb weld into the new hole and then insert a small bolt/screw into it. Twiste the screw around a few times to make sure the jb weld has keyed nicely. Build up around the outside of the screw with some more jb weld and let it cure for 24-48 hours. This should be enough to let you turn the adjuster again.


thats my problem, it snapped off because the screw wouldnt move in the first place. Im just gonna put up woth it until changin the oil takes place.

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