I was looking at brake and clutch levers, and seen some with decompression levers. What exactly does a decompression lever do?

It stops the exhaust valve from fully closing

This allows you to turn the engine over with the kick starter to get it in the right

Place to kick start it

Most DRZ’s have an automatic one built in to the engine

It works on the right exhaust valve and it holds it open until the exhaust cam lobe opens the valve and then it allows it to close. Or at least that is how I have mine set up. The auto one is located on the exhaust cam.

FWIW, I use mine to help my starter out turning over a 94.5mm 13.5:1 piston. It gives it just enough inertia that the starter never stalls and actually turns the engine over better than I expected.

I never would have thought that it held the exhaust valve open... Thats pretty cool though, thanks for the help and information.

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