Fmf Q2

We haveto go down to 94db next year to be able to practice in my town and Im thinking FMF Q2. How much power am I going to loose compared to standard exhaust? The HM silencer for streetmoto/enduro is okay when it comes to sound level, but Ill loose 10 hp if I choose to use that...

What other options are there? (my bike is a 04)

My fmf Q made .5 more peak HP. The stock pipe was stronger up to 8500 rpm where the Q took over to red line. However the stock pipe made one more lbs/ft than the Q. At our motard track here we need to be under 99db at full throttle on the track from 100 feet or 100 meters (can't remember which), and they say my Q is around 100, or 101!!! I machined a end cap for it with a smaller outlet but have not sound tested or dynoed yet. If the test is performed with the bike parked with the 18 inches away at 45 degree angle type test you will proably be OK, it's kind of a hokey test, hard to duplicate.

04 CRF 450 R

Thanks for the answer! And the Q2 is supposed to be even more quiet. If I loose one or two horsepowers its okay, because Ive got 20kg+ (like 40lbs?) less than my competitors ;D

It would be nice if someone who has tested the Q2 would answer too!

The Q2 is supposed to be lighter and quiter than the original Q series. The Q might also soften the hit of the power and make it easier to ride. FMF says that their Powerbomb header makes their exhausts slightly quiter. I think that the Q2 is supposed to be 94db or under. If you don't want to go FMF I saw in a catalog that Big Gun Exhausts has the new Evo X system for about 500.00 and it is adjustable from 102 DB to 94DB.

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