DR650 525 to 520 Chain Conversion?

to all,

anybody done this? plan to use JT stock sprocket sizes 15/42 and RK XSO 110 link chain.

any experiences with subject conversion?



i haven't done it but have read a little into it. you'll need at least a 114 link chain on going to the 520. after doing the research, i'm going to go with stock chain sizes.

Aight Brian...fill me in here...

I want to drop a tooth in the rear, and do a 520 conv.

Still need 114 link? Who makes the sprockets?

renthal makes the sprockets and you can also get their chain. if you drop one in the rear, not sure how much of a difference in chain length it will make. sprocket specialist makes a 525 41 rear and apparently Jesse at Kientech has a 525 16 tooth countershaft sprocket. that's the way i'm going to go although with going to the 520, you're sure to free up a little hp.

Aight...probably just go with Renthal 520 then. Thanks!

why do you need 114 links if it's the same 5/8" pitch on the 520 chain?

did you specifically find this written somewhere? just want to make sure. would rather not be cutting off links if i order a 114 and only need a 110.



it's what the renthal and i think i read it on another 2 sites with regards to the 520 chain conversion.

my mistake not to mention the model year of my bike. makes a big difference. sorry about that. anyway here's what i've learned.

just spoke to AFAM, USA about the chain links for 525/520 conversion

with stock sprockets and they are the same. the confusion comes with

the fact that the 90-95 s/se model used a 520 chain but with a 16/42 stock

sprockets and with a different swingarm which needed a 114 link chain. that's what their website chart states.

so a 110 link chain for the 96-05 models will fit either 525 or 520

with the stock 15/42 sprockets.

anyway that's the facts from the guys at AFAM of huntington beach, ca.

time to ride.

take care and thanks for the replies.


Yeah, thank you too!

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