Lights on TTR125LE

I would like to put a headlight on my '03 TTR125LE. I know others have installed lights and "motarded" their 125s. How much wattage will I be able to use without draining the battery during riding? I have seen 35 and 55 watt systems. I'm not looking to start fires, just want to be able to ride (slowly and responsibly) between friends' houses on a private dirt road at dusk / night conditions.

Just wondering about others' experiences with lights.

Thanks for all suggestions.


you know instead of having to do all that i bought a bicycle halogen headlight with a rechargable battery. It lasts hours and you can take it off easily if you dont want the headlight in your way. For just going to friends houses it would be perfect. cheaper than headlights i would imagine too

Yes, exactly what aschultz91 said. that would be cheaper.

where can you get that?

the other night i took the lights off my mountain bike(very small mountainbike lights also) and i mounted 2 of them on my brothers ttr and it worked perfectly in the pitch black dark. i even rode behind him. if you were to buy good sized mountainbike lights it would be more than enough

but if you want to make it real official go to or bajadesigns.. one of the two. they make a real head light for the bike

i havent heard any good things about baja designs... Go with the bike light.. just go to your local bicycle shop or search google

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