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looking at 94 XR650 feedback appreciated

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howdy. I'm looking at a 94 XR650. I'd appreciate some feedback from owners.

this bike shows 11k miles. the current short time owner, started riding it, and stripped the shaft with the front sprocket on it., he said the keeper was not on right. or was loose..?

He took it to a local mech, and they replaced the shaft, two gears, the sproket,

and while in bored it 1 over and put in a new piston.

since then he's put about 100 miles on it. anyone ever heard of this happening?

He's asking $2k now. there are some scuffs etc, but good tires, nothing broken. starts right up, runs well.

to me the rear suspension seems very much too stiff. compared to the front, can anyone tell me can this be related to the air cyl on the rear shock? what is the proper pressure for this ? he doesnt know.

being 5 7", its just too tall for me so i was thinking if i can get a couple inches off the seat, and use the kouba link. i'll be ok.

any feedback on this bikes repairs, price etc. or other things to look for before buying would be appreciated.

TIA !!


90 Concours

88 NX125

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I just bought a 94 XR600R about three weeks ago and love it. Talked the guy down to 1200 But allready have 6 or 7 hundred more in it just getting it up to par. No real mods. I am only 5'6" and weigh 150# so I have the same probs.

You can set the sag for the rear shock by adjusting the Pre load and that might bring her down a little. Also I loosend my forks and slid them up a halve inch or so and that broght the front down a little as well.

Every little bit helps when you're this damn short!

Hope that helps

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Two grand may be a fair price if the bike is CLEAN and the work was done properly by a good shop. If it shifts well and doesn't smoke the motor may be about as good as new, XRs last a LONG TIME.

I bought a 93 650L for $1350 with 13K miles, many on dirt judging by the chips and wear marks on the. Runs great and is a blast to ride, but needs similar work as the bike you're looking at.

When you ride it pay attention to the 1-2 shift, the dogs on these gears wear out first, which leads to rough shifts and possible eventual failure. This may be what was actually fixed on the bike you're looking at; if so great. Also wiggle the rear wheel to see if the wheel and swingarm bearings are worn. I had the rear wheel bearings on mine replaced for about $70. Chain & sprockets are routine wear items and cost about $150 for good quality aftermarket stull.

All in all the 650L is a great, extremely reliable and low maintenance bike. It may be a lot of bike for you if you plan to do hardcore trail riding. Anything short of that it will handle with torque, suspension, and rider finesse. :D:D

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