brown mtn sunday 8/14??

anyone able? i see bearwhite's gonna be there,what are you driving BW ? we'll be in a charcoal nissan titan trailering a blue,red and 2 punkin's :D we'll be there around 10-10:30

I dont think I can make it, but I just thought I'd stop in and say hello. I'm from Jefferson, NC, which is about 20 mins from Boone. Not that far from Brown mtn at all. Where are you from ncmountainman?


hot springs,45 min north of asheville :D

I'll be in a Gold minivan with a rack on the back. I'll have 04 drz 400e on the back.Gonna be there around 9 to 9:30 try to beat the heat.

its a 2 1/2 hr drive for us,we'll try to get there asap. make a loop and we should be there by then :D

sounds good

good ridin' there ken,especially for a street bike! man it was hot,i'd say around 95' ! i had to lean the fuel screw out it was so bad :D i went in 2 on compression and out 1 on the rebound on the forks for the 2nd loop(after ya left) and it handled much better(got rid of the nose heavy feel) man those offset clamps really shined after i got'em dialed in :D you ought to come up to coal cr/royal blue the 27th and 28th camp or just come for one day,its under 2 hrs from asheville :D

I;m going to driggs Idaho for a family reniuon I'll be back the 28th.We will have to hook up on some other trip though.

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