Any tips on Rear Master Cylinder Rebuilding?

Well I got the kit and I'm going to attemp

to get my rear brakes back to snuff.

Does anyone have any tips, maybe websites , links?

I've never rebuilt a master cylinder.

I see, 2 wierd seals, a piston, spring, Boot.

Has anyone done this?

Just follow what it says in the service manual. It's super easy.

I just did my front and I'm sure the rear is the same. You just pull the inner circlip out at the actuating rod then the whole assembly slides out.

Put the new stuff together just like the old (seals in the right way and spring on), slide it in and put the circlip back on. Coat eveything in brake fluid before you put it together.

Thanks I appreciate it.

I'll try it out today. I wanted to do it last week but things came up.

You'll want to make sure the bore of the master cylinder is cleaned and buffed out properly. I take a small parts cleaner/applicator brush (from auto parts stores) which is just a small hollow metal tube with the bristles on one end. Cut off the brush at one end and cut a 1" slot down the middle of the tube. Then take a 1" square of scotch brite and slide it into the slot. Now crimp the end of the tube on the pad. You now can put the other end in a drill and buff out the master cylinder. Use some WD40 on the pad and move it in and out of the bore a few times. This will take any ridges and glaze off the bore and help the new parts to seal properly.

I replaced mine a couple months ago. The hardest part of the job was bleeding the air out of the brake line. You'll probably have to bleed the line at the banjo fittings to get all of the air out.

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