KLX110 engine in a KX65?

Hello guys.......here is an idea in reverse....Can I put the KLX110 engine in the KX65 frame? Will the engine mounts line up? Any problems with anything else fitting, such as kick starter or gear shift lever? My son loves the bike but hates the two stroke engine. If it will fit, I would probably go with the 4th gear shift drum and manual clutch conversion....What do you think?

You can make it work.Will it be easy?NO.You will need to fab up engine mounts and possibly move the cradle of the frame out a few inches.Also then you have to worry about an exhaust.I think the kickstart and shifter should be the least of your worries.

from looking at the two you will basically have to redesign the 65 frame in order for it to work. If you dont mind spending the money and time to do it then go for it.

I just got back from the dealership and took a good look at the KLX110.......it's not gonna happen! :D The KLX engine bolts from the top of the frame instead of the bottom on the KX65, the cylinder sticks out the front and won't fit through the 65's frame, and the klx airbox is where the 65's radiator is.......oh well, he's just going to have to learn the two stroke! Thanks everyone for your input.


it can be done its all about what you are willing to spend.

just mod up a 110. buy a nice rear shock and some 60 or 65 forks. that should be a fun little bike. the faster he can go on it then you can just mod it up more and more. the possibilities are almost endless for that bike

whats wrong with the 2 stroke engine?

whats wrong with the 2 stroke engine?
My son loves the bike but hates the two stroke engine.

some people just don't like the 2 strokes :D

ive heard that there better for goin off jumps and stuff because they are lighter and have faster acceleration osmethin like that! but im only sayin wot ive heard not had many 2 stroke bikes!lol

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