How to make a BLACK 05 WR450 ???

Anyone know how to get black plastic for an 05 WR450? All I see available in black is only for the YZF except for the front fender. I guess I really don't need a tail light....wonder if the YZ rear fender would fit?

Yep on the rear fender.

I've always wondered if you could take some Rit dye and heat it up and dye the plastic. Anyone tried this?

How about that Fusion paint for plastics?

In 05 I believe all the plastic, even the shrouds, are interchangable from WR to YZ. I have got a black Acerbis plastic kit on my 04. Looks sweet to. Good luck

black_n_blue_thumper, love to see some pics!!

The '05 WR250 now uses the same radiators (and shrouds) as the YZ... the 450 may be the same story.

The rear fender will fit, provided you do a little trimming to allow the coolant rez to fit and for the coolant line routing.

The right side number plate is a bolt-on

The left side number plate takes a little creativity, since part of the WR plate is attached to the airbox door.

Digital_Soldier has modded his with the YZ side plates and the only issue is that he has to remove the entire left side plate to open the airbox.

Not really a big deal... it's only two extra screws.

No solution for the front headlight surround unless you plan on dumping it and going to a straight number plate.... or Krylon Fusion, maybe dyeing it.

I'm not sure how I'm going to approach mine.


No solution for the front headlight surround unless you plan on dumping it and going to a straight number plate.... or Krylon Fusion, maybe dyeing it.

I'm not sure how I'm going to approach mine.

After market headlights by acerbis, the cyclops.etc....

painting plastic? this stuff works... never tried a gas tank and someone on one of these boards said tanks "breathe" and would cause the paint to peal? Not sure on this but we use this product to prime before painting exterior building products and it is by far the best. Order online and I also think Sherwin Williams paint stores carry it. No I do not work for the company only a happy customer. I would think using this, good exterior black paint (flat black maybe?) and using some exterior grade latex varnish in matte finish would hold up pretty well? Never tried it but may be a cheap project especially if your plastic is a little dinged up already.

I would never paint plastics, what is going to happen the first time you drop it?

As for a black head light, just buy one. Lots of people make them and they are cheap enough.

Hey WheelsUp, sorry about not getting you the pic of the airbox mod, I'll try to PM it to you this week. My took a poop on me. I have to borrow the work cam.

As far as blacking out your bike goes, I highly recommend NOT doing it. The amount of compliments and increased attention from the females is a complete distraction. And furthermore, the tinkle running down your Honda buddies leg when you pull up on a black WR may have some emotional scarring. :D

If you paint it.... No matter how much prep you do,, it will bleed blue after every scratch.. I saw a black WR motard,,, Don't know what year it was but it looked sick and I don't think it was paint.. Gotta some place for plastic.

black_n_blue_thumper, love to see some pics!!

heheheh you said black and blue thumper.....theres a yammy in there for good measure.




Don't paint plastic's! I mean it can cover the color for awhile. But no matter how much prep, and adhesive promotor/primers, and sanding you do, it will always chip easily, and eventually crack....

My friend just used some black rit dye on his red acerbis handguards and it turned out sweet.. He had painted them black and used a paint stripper on them before the dye. It seems to have penetrated the plastic pretty good to, we scratched them and no red came through.. Will see how it holds up on the trails,, if it stays on he is going to do the bike plastics as well...

im bout to buy a yzf rear fender then just mount my old tail light onto it, then get a black front fender, then black side panels, black radiator shrouds, the the acerbis headlight deal...thats what they guy was telling me he did on his all black wr i met the other day..all the yz parts fit his bike he said...but i forgot to ask if he had a bigger gas tank on there or not.

WR taillight will not work on the YZ fender unless you're talking about just bolting the lens on.

Take a look at the bottom of your fender... the reflector and bulb have to fit under there.

Best bet for the YZ fender is a Baja Designs taillight. Looks sweet too... I bought one for mine.





These are blacknblue thumpers pictures that he requested i post up in here for your enjoyment.. :D

Thanks again ISBB. Well for those who wanted them, there are the pics of my bike.

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