TE510 Light Wiring

What color are the wires going to the lights on 2005 te510?

Are there 2 or 3 ?

My bike came with only the little bulb wired, I have a feeling that some of the harness is missing.

Trying to wire up a HID setup that only pulls 35 watts.

Some say go right to battery,afraid that the battery may drain as stretchrcr stated in another post. but if stock light is only 35 watt I should think that I can use that circuit.

I can rebuild a motor but electrical F-s with my head.

Thanks for any Help.

There should be a set of yellow and blue wires for the headlight and should come from the same area as the wires for the small light. The lighting circuit is independent of the battery charging circuit and are AC, I wouldnt hook up the HID to the battery, I would use the lighting (AC side) for your lights. I think that has 70 watts. If you hook it up to the battery you have the chance of killing your battery. I hope that helps.

Thanks sharpie, there looks like 3 wires on the electrical scematic.

It is a blurry POS that is worthless.

Why is a decent manual so hard?

Color of Three wires Please :D

The blue and yellow I have available will barely light the stock light.

blue=ground,yellow is hot,under tank is ac

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