MT Riding

Where do you ride in MT? I grew up south of Missoula. Rode a track in Stevensville and one farther south. I hear they are gone now...

Im bringing the bike up there next summer hoping to find some big sky single track/scenery and the best natural MX tracks up there. Kind of a moto tour of MT for my vacation.

Any input/links/info would be greatly appreciated.

HMMMMM... South of Missoula. Better let KLX365 handle this one. He is master of that domain. I grew up in Florence, but left as a youngster, live in Billings now. Good luck.

Im looking for anything between Missouola and Billings.

The plan is to head into Missoula through WA and head back down through Yellowstone/Tetons. Natural tracks (not SX type tracks set up at fair grounds...) or must see riding along that general route is fair game.


How about a MT web site for tracks/riding? So far this trip is going to be hard to plan...

If you find a website let me know. The best thing to do is to get maps, maps and more maps. As you get closer to the trip, let some of us know, we can hook up with you. PM KLX365, he knows of some unreal stuff....he may share some good info with you. There are tons and tons and tons of rides, you just need to decide when, where and what you want. MX tracks, mountain single track, advanced or easy, ect . Just the Hamilton area alone you could spend all summer and never get all the trails ridden :D . Narrow down what you want to do, then we can help you out more :D

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