ttr 50

i bet if u email them or try to buy stuff it will be on backorder....the sdg parts have been on that site for a LOONG time and some of the stuff isnt even out to the public..i ordered a hi rev box for my sdg 2 months ago..i had to wait over a month for them to email me back telling me its not out yet to the public....kinda lame..

the people are lame on that site now too, they used to be cool but ther customer went downhill and they can be rude and unhelpfull...

Thats all the parts that cross over from the crf with a little or no modifiction.

Our shop is recieving 6 of them in the next 1-2 weeks. They are in transit right now :D:D:D

iu just bought one and just got all my parts from gytr i am takin em to the dealer to get installed tomarrow

Anyone ridden the Yamaha yet? I wonder if it's more of a "revver" than the Honda, given it has a larger bore and shorter stroke.

Is that Yamaha a "knock-off", or only if it's from China?

i rode mine not with the mods but when it was stock

no its not a knock off its only a knock of when it says

"crf style"

"sdg style"

stuff like that

looks like a cool bike! cant wait to modd my bike bbut i need to do some serios savings!lol

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