DANGER..Check your breather hose

After a very dusty day at the TT Day at the Ridge a few weeks ago I was checking my valves and found that the clearance had gone to zero. I pulled the motor and while cleaning found that the breater line from the airbox to the head had a 1 1/2" burned through crease where the hose had touched the header pipe. The intake had been sucking unfiltered air for at least part of that day. I dont know if the dust played a part in the valves going out of limits or what, but...

When it goes back together in the next few days I will make sure that hose is routed clear and zip tied to prevent this again.

Check your hose.

Now that's something I've got to look at when I get home from work tonight.



<-- I'm also going to be playing with these!

Route the breather hose behind the oil line that goes up to the head. The oil line keeps it off the exhuast.

up i re route mine last time I checked my valves. that thing should not be against a motor.

Mine came routed that way

Replaced mine with automotive heater hose.

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