DR 400 dirt model modded more to street or Dual Sport DR 400 modded for better dirt?

I'm in Ontario, Canada, not Ontario California :D ...so opinions from Canadians and/or Ontario folks is probably useful in terms of whats legal :D

Some more DR 400 questions....regarding dual sporting...my intention will be to get the best of both worlds. I would like to use the DR 400 for road trips, and yet be able to have perform as best as possible off road. Ultimately there will be compromises, but I'm just getting an idea of which way to go.

Which do you prefer, and/or what are the positives and negatives of either approach? I'm looking for experience from folks who've bought the dirt DR 400 and modded it so its Dual Sport street legal and feedback people who've bought the DR 400 S and made it more dirt friendly. What did you do and why. What did you do? Make the DS lighter? Put minimal DS legal stuff on your dirt DR400? Are battery eliminator Capacitors legal to make a dirt 400 street legal? So far, at least one member here has suggested he likes his dual sport for both.

thanx in advance for feedback,


P.S. What sort of gas mileage do either of these models get again? What experience have people had?

In some places, like CA and HI, it is virtually impossible to go the E to S route (so you buy a plated E in another province or state and import it).

If you can get d/s plates in ON, and have the time to deal with the bureaucrats and to put the BD or equivalent kit on, you'll be way ahead converting the E ... you're not dealing with any serious altitude changes (for which the S carb is better)

The ultimate street setup is a supermoto setup. So if you truely want the best of both worlds...you are going to own 2 wheelsets. Now as to whether the E, the S, or even the SM is the best choice for you...you need to consider the laws around legalizing a dirt model for the street...and the total cost of the conversion packages for each combined with the cost of the bikes. Your going to have to do some leg work here.

Right. Thanx for the feeback. By most accounts, from the reading I've been doing here and elsewhere, I'm thinking that the S version is probably a good call for me. Its common in Canada and I'm steering towards that model thus far.

What mods do folks do to their S version to make it lighter and a little more dirt worthy without ruining its road capabilities?

Lighter is not really an issue...at least not in my experience. Weight is more an issue in MX style riding. Not nearly as big a deal in trail riding.

The rest is armoring and preventive measures...that you will do to either model in any case.

If you have not read it yet...read the http://www.drz.info/drz/ site for a good start.

Fair enough, thanx for the great link. Man, I've been out of bikes for quite some time. I forgot about the Kawi Suzi thing. Who makes it? Suzuki right? Are the companies producing models jointly?

It was a one year love affair. 2 years if your Canadian. Now they are back to being competitors again.

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