Spare tube

I was just curious, how many people here ride with a spare tube and how do you pack your? I know you can get those handy f-fender packs for tubes, but I was just curious of the percentage of riders that even bother?

I always ride with one on the front fender. The terrain that we ride in the Rockies is just calling for a flat. I have used it once and it has been a life saver indeed. I never ride without one!


Sometimes I do, on my last trip I was literally in the middle of BFE and I carried a spare 21" tube, a full patch kit, and a pump. When I ride with the family no I don't. On the klx I just put it in my camelbak, on the tengai it fits in a pannier.

I started carrying a spare tube in a fender pack 2 years ago. Unfortunately, I have had to use it 2 times since. I won't ride without it, unless I'm staying close to the truck.

i don't carry one, yet.

but i did have to ride 9 miles on a front flat once. took me a while,but wasn't too bad.

When offroading on a ride yes. Otherwise I will have time to send a buddy back to the truck for it. I would carry one if I was planning to trek far off road by myself as well.

All other times would be foolish. Help is a cell call away.

When I do carry is on the front fender in a moose tube pack.

Anyone use that Green Slime? It works great for the kid's pedal bikes. :D

Alot of people i know that race desert take out the #2 rim lock in the rear tire and put a second tube in the rear tire. just incase there is a flat all they have to do is air up the second tube. As far as the front tire goes... I just keep one in my tool pack and hope i dont need it.

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