front sprocket xr100

has anyone changed or taken off the front sprocket of a 2003 xr100 It looks like I have to take the seft side engine cover off but the gasket looks like it is paper and would rip so if anyone can help thanx in advance

yes you do have to take off the cover. I cut off the sproket guard on mine so that I could get to it without taking the cover off. The gasket should be fine, it might rip but just try to get all of it in place when you put it back together.

The gasket does make a seal... you should be fine... You could always warm the bike up and then shut it down before you take it off... Warming it up sometimes softens things up and they don't break or tear.

In the summer it should be fine, but in the fall and winter when it rains (snows) you should replace it, otherwise your ignition could get jacked up and your flywheel will get rusty.

socal, I got an engine off ebay that someone had been riding with a broken cover and the flywheel is rusted, should I take it apart and do some cleaning?

I would cut the chain gaurd off like 150 stocker.When riding though I wouldn't wear baggy pants :D. I did that on my ttr and it kept grabbing my pants.

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