87 XL600R Newbie question

Hi all. I recently purchased a 87 XL600R, after not having ridden for nearly 15 years. I know the procedure to start this beast, and have had no problems until recently. Normally when the bike is cold, I give it full choke, no throttle, and it usually fires on the first or second kick. When it is hot, no choke, no throttle, and same thing. Lately, I just can't seem to get the bike to start when it is cold. By cold, I mean later in the day. Early morning cold, it still starts immediately. Later in the after noon, after getting off work, and the bike has sat for several hours, I kick & kick until the sweat pours. After 10 - 15 minutes of trying different choke positions and throttle, it finally fires.

Once it is running, everything is fine until the same time the next day. The carbs were rebuilt a few months ago, its getting fuel and spark. Could this be a choke issue with the warm summer days?

Sorry for the longwinded question. Any help would be appreciated.


I doubt its the choke, but I may be wrong. Did you check your valves recently?

are you choking it in the afternoon when you first try to start it ? If you are try it w/out choking it. maybe its warm enough that you dont need the choke.

I don't use any choke on mine. It is jetted correctly. This is a HUGE issue, as stock they are extremely lean to pass emissions. Look in the XR600/650 forums for more info on this bike.

Thanks for the suggestions. As the weather is quite hot now, I don't choke it at all at first in the afternoon. That doesn't work either. I keep trying several different choke positions until it finally fires (several minutes).

I have not checked the valves, as suggested above. How would this effect the start problems I am having?


check the spark plug gap it gives me problems once and a while

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