Cheap Performance Mod

I just wanted to know what was the "best bang for your buck". I wanted add a little more kick to my 04 CRF250R, but I would like to not spend too much money. I already have a Ti-4 pipe which cost me a fortune and its definitely great, but I want something other than a pipe to give me a kick on the dirt.

:D info :D help :D suggestions

How much are you willing to spend? For $90 a Boyesen Quickshot is godly.

for 3 bucks- throw a 55 leak jet in.

Best Mod? Lose 10 lbs.! It's free and I guarantee it will outperform *any other* performance mod suggested!

Basicly for performance u gotta spend a little green, ( go on to ebay tho u can get alot of cheap stuff for ur bike)

What is a quick shot????????

The cheapest performance gain by far on the CRF250R is to ride the bike wide open. I used to be a mod everything guy until I took a lesson from a local pro. He wins the local pro class with a bone stock CRF. He changes the chain and bars then spanks everyone on the track. Twist the throttle, thats all you need to do. If you need more take lessons.

Is your suspension set up properly? Thats more important than any other motor mod I can think of.

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