ape mcct installation

just got my ape (is it "ape"?) mcct and was wondering if i have to use a gasket of some sort or do i just bolt that puppy right on?

also, if someone doesn't mind, could you explain how to install it

the directions say to roll the bike forward and screw it in until i feel it hit the chain, then crank it back 1/4 of a turn.... is that all there is to it?

Yes you can use the gasket that you just took off.

I got the same confusing directions. NO! Use the Burned method.

cool, thanks

i haven't taken it off yet.... i just went home for lunch and my yosh system and mcct were there waiting on me....

where can i find burned's method?

one more question..... i'm gonna check/adjust my valves while i'm installing the mcct...

should i install the mcct and set it up per burned's method (which i haven't been able to find yet) and then check/adjust the valves?

To paraphrase: Remove the ACCT and reuse the gasket.

Install MCCT and turn it in until you feel some finger tight tension.

Start motor and hope for the best ----


After motor is running, play with the bolt tension.

Loosen until you hear the non-desirable noise and thighten it back up until it is gone.

Lock down the nut.

Put motor at TDC (make sure it is cold) and check the valve clearance. (you can do this first since the MCCT has no impact on the clearance)

It sounds kind of scary but there is nothing to it.

thanks, stu

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