No compression on my 1986 XR100R

all right everyone. I got me an old 1986 honda xr100r. The thing was given to me and from what i hear about it is that it was driven to piss. I wanna get it running again but it is gettin no compression. Theres not a hole in the jug. the rings are good. I dont know very much about this bike and i dont got an owners manual. but if anyone has any idea why it isnt gettin compression or any other reasons why it wont get compression please respond ASAP.

alot of xrs have been known to bend exhaust valves if it is bent then it will get no compression

pull the valve cover and check to make sure the valves are getting full range of motion...

my 87 had a bent intake valve. replaced that and it bent the exhaust valve lol...wonderful

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