street tires for the 650

i do 99% street riding on my 650 like most suv owners and need a long lasting good cornering street tire. any recommendations? i have a 19 in the front but anyones recommendations on hoops they've used and how long they lasted would be good. i think a good combo of price and quality is the dunlop d607 i think. they have a very agressive tread for the street and the rear is radial while being in the $60 range for the front and the rear wasn't much more.

I really like the Kenda 657 Challengers. You can get front and rears with tubes for about $110. shipped to your door. The rear is a 130/90/17 and helps the gearing a bit for the street as it is a little taller. Check out this thread

what type of mileage have you had? and how does it handle, can you get down with it?

definately anakees. Very soft compound, and will simply stick :D

i want mileage too, here's what i'm thiking- dunlop d607

here's another one i found, a sport touring tire, bias ply and in the sizes i'm looking for as well pirelli sport demon.

the idea of having an actual street tire sounds like a fun way to go. also, the mt90 s/t's look very good.

looks like these tires cost about the same for a front and rear set, just not sure if it's old tech or not. i bet they last a very long time though.

check out the avon gripsters. a buddy has a klr650 really likes them. not real cheap though. i've used the kenda k270s, pirelli mt-21, dunlop 606s and now irc gp-1s. of them all the best all around tire is the mt-21. unfortunately, these are all 50/50 to 90/10 off road tires. the gp-1s make for a cushy ride on road and enough knobs off to be safe on gravel/dirt roads. definitely not a mudder tire.

good hunting.


check out the Pirelli sync, best mileage, knee dragon good, they are more than your budget, but outlast the Dunlaps, and others hands down.

I put some Avon Gripsters on my DR about 1000 miles ago and they are working really well. They are decent on gravel roads and quiet and sticky on the pavement.

I love my Avon Distanzias. You can take them off road, but I only do street with the bike. THEY STICK LIKE GLUE!!!!!!!!

After a Supermoto track day and 1,500 miles, they still look like new!

I'm looking at the Pirelli MT90 Scorpion ST's. Maybe the Kenda's mentioned earlier, especially because of the size diff. I ride 99% on road.

Don't go the STs. I had these and they are a harder compound, if you like to corner, i wouldnt suggest these.

They just don't hold the heat, i have lowsided on them.

Don't go the STs. I had these and they are a harder compound, if you like to corner, i wouldnt suggest these.

They just don't hold the heat, i have lowsided on them.

I don't do a lot of canyon carving, mostly freeway to and from work. I do get into some pretty good lean situations now and then though. I'm thinking the St's may be a better bet as far as milage due to the harder compound?

What do you suggest? The Kenda? The Dunlop? Saving a couple of bucks doesn't interest me as much as milage and performance. I'm not looking for a "cheaper" tire.

You'll be happy with the Anakee, distanzia or tourance. All sticky and provide good mileage.

The anakee would be the stickier of them all, and may not last long if you have a heavy throttle hand.

Distanzias and the tourance would last longer, and stick well too.

I'll check 'em out. Thanks. :D

maybe the st's are the way i should go. but handling is very important and chasing the sportbikes around through the corners, i don't want to be hugging cactus. this is a tough call as i don't want to be replacing tires every other month(minimum of 2,000 miles a month, trying to cut back).

Vash, what type of pressures do you run?

about 25 psi front, 28 rear.

If you like to corner, i highly recommend going anakees. They are sticky and you wont have to worry about lowsiding.

my bike has the plate at the headstock that says 25/29 frt/rr psi and my buddy who has a 04 model says 22/25 solo and 25/29 with two up or solo with luggage. so i started riding mine with the 22/25 and it is pretty grippy without being heavy steering. but my rear tire is so squared off that it handles horribly and it's very unnerving to turn quickly. how many km's or miles have you gotten from the anakees?

one thing i forgot to add is that the pirelli sport demons have the option of going with the 130/90-17 rear which would get the final drive ratio higher. i'm just not sure if these are going to be too hard of a compound for this light bike. i know they'd last a very long time.

The Scorpion ST's in 120/90 have been discontinued. If you find one, be sure to check the build date.

I just got my 2006 KLR on December 2nd and had Anakees installed as part of the purchase. One of the reasons was reading a "Cycle Canada" article where Tom Grennon rode a BMW 1150 from Victoria to Toronto on gravel and back highways, the trip was 12,000 kilometres a lot at low pressures, this is on a loaded, heavy bike. There was a comment at the end of the story that over the 12,000 k there were no flats, no nicks or damage and although they were still serviceble, the bike was outfitted with Pirelli Scorpions which were described as being just as good, but noisier

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