Couple o' questions.

Ok, so I have finally got my CRF250R back together after re-shimming my valves and everything. Since I bought this bike used, from a guy that didn't seem to take much care of it, I have no manual. So I have the following questions:

-How do I determine if my bike is running rich or lean?

-What should I have my idle set at and how do I know when its set right?

-Currently when I pull the clutch in and drop it into first the bike dies. However I cranked up the idle and this fixed it, but im not sure if its to high an idle or not. Does my clutch need adjusting or the idle?



change the plug, run it through the gears. Then pull the clutch in and kill the bike. Stop and check the plug. Then report back. Otherwise spend the 20 bucks and get an owners manual.

Normal: Dark brown to light tan color with dry electrode.

Lean: Light gray or white color.

Rich: wet and sooty.

Idle speed: 1,700 +- 100 rpm.\

Any other questions until you get your manual just send a message. We all get stumped once and a while.

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