ReJetting Setting by City and State - If your bike Rips!

A lot of posts about 250R/X jetting. Looking for some answers wihtout having to take a course, I asked for rejettings people have done in my City and State. I got no answers, but a ton of PMs asKing me to start a thread that will hopefully stick, with posts telling the following simple info - BUT ONLY IF YOUR BIKE RIPS after a rejet attempt for your locale. If you discovered that stock worked best thats OK. I realize die hard members and mechanics will say too many things affect jetting, but for newer mechanics, its a great place to start by seeing what other are doing successfully.

Keep it simple looking something like this:




2005 250 R



Needle details:

Fuel screw:


Other relevant flow related mods:

Describe power achieved:

That it. Will make a search WITHIN this thread easy using State and City.

*** As kind of a newbie, I have not rejetted yet (kinda looking for exactly this kind of info), so can someone start us off (ThrottleJockey, SkipnB, kelstr, Heckler, etc)

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