old kdx graphics?

i was wondering if it is possible to take newer kdx models and convert them to the older kdx look, example. older kawasakis had those purplish seats with the purpleish graphics, thats what im looking for and i ahvent been albe to find them in any online stores, anyone know how to find pold kdx graphics and seets, or seet covers

try this site, you need to ask the people on that forum:


I think you can get graphics from '95 and up to fit your bike

I have a '95 kdx with really cool purple fmf graphics from back in 96/97

it's funny you mention that, I had considered switching to the black seat and fork boots and newer graphics to update mine alittle. it is hard to find purple gear anymore, you could also check that online auction for stuff.

here is a pic of my bike:


Factoryeffex makes replica stock graphics for most years of bikes.

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