TrailTech Spedometer Help!

I somehow got my spedo set on bike #2 and can't get it back to #1. It says in the instructions how to get it on to bike #2 but not back to bike #1. I think that these instructions are a usless piece of shit. :D

I think you just hold down the right button for 5 seconds. The wheel size of the bike should flash for a second (I think this is to help you confirm your wheel size setting when switching bikes) then the "Bike 1" screen should come up. I belieive it's the same to switch back and forth.

There are too many functions and too few buttons for me! lol All I can ever seem to rmember is how to reset my mileage so I can follow my roll chart!!! :D

The instructions explain how to do everything on that unit, I'd be screwed if I didn't have the instructions for mine.

nm, figured it out. :D :D :D

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