My weight and size vs. which bike...

Currently I'm a utility ATV rider....Grizzly least it's a yamaha :D . As well I'm 6'3 265lbs. I miss two wheels and haven't rode one since my 87 RM125. I ride trails 99.9 of the time and I'm partial to Yamaha's. I'm looking to pick up a used bike over the winter either a YZ ro WR 400. Maybe even a 426 if the price is right. But what I've been reading is that the WR has a softer suspension then the YZ (among other things I know). And one of the posts I read about the WR, people were responding saying how tall and heavy they were. Some that repsonded at a lighter weight then I am said the suspension on their WR was killing them. Likewise I read that the YZ has a stiffer one. Am I better off getting a YZ and making some changes? I've got a very light budget on this.

I'm 6'-5", 260 and I love my WR450. I changed the rear spring to a 6.4 and probably could use stiffer front springs as well, but otherwise, I'd say the suspension is fine. I think most people will agree, for trail riding the WR is better, if for no other reason than the 5 speed gearbox. I can usually power up steep, rocky trails in 3rd, occasionally (but rarely) dropping down to 2nd. At your size, I wouldn't worry about the height or weight. I can throw mine around almost as well as I did with my 360 Husky 2 stroke.

I have a stock, suspension wise, 2000 WR with proper sags set and weigh about 225 with no gear. A friend has a 01 YZ 426. WE ride mostly trails (hard to still do doubles when you have a family to support). He has actually softened his front suspension, as nasty roots and rocks were beating him to pieces. he has also dropped the front cog to a 13 to make the tight, rocky uphills more bearable. I have had no problems with bottoming, although I seldom get over 60 mph. Even went to the desert recently with HUGE whoops and had no bottoming issues (fitness over the long haul yes). Don't sweat the suspension. Get one and ride it before you get all wrapped up in the fit to make adjustments. They are very quick, but stable bikes. Best of many bikes I have ever owned!

Cool sounds like the WR is definately the bike for me to focus on.

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