cam timing question

I am putting together a 98 wr 400, and I am having troubles determining which mark on the cam sprockets are the ones that you need to line up with the top of the head. any help would be apprciated.


there is some type of hyrogliff on the back side of cam sprocket that you will need to decifer, I believe it is a dog, a sun, the moon, a blender, and some playing cards.

god speed young lad!

the service manual should provide the key to unlock the mysteries of the dog, sun, moon and blender. or just walk into your local yamaha dealers showroom and do a cam installation dance which is rather like a rain dance but can ultimately be life threatening if you and your spectators arent wearing helmets at the time.

I'll take a shot here. At TDC the cam lobes (exhaust and intake) should face away from one another. When looking at the timing marks on the sprockets, the 3:00 and 9:00 marks (on each sprocket) should be parrallel (or close-mine never were exact) with the head.

Also on Motoman393's page I think there is a good write up about it.

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