what is jetting ???

could someone please explain to me what the jetting is on a bike. I see a lot about it but never knew exactly what it was

talk to burned about that

well jets are in your carb and control the air/gas or oil/gas mixture depending on whether your riding a 4 or 2 stroke. when ever you do mods to your bike or the temperature changes enough will usually have to mess with your mixture, therefore you have to change jets to change this mixture

As incoming air flows through your carburetor, it pulls fuel into the combustion chamber through little tubes called jets. The jets have different diameters for varying the amount of fuel based on current ambient temperature, and elevation conditions. Jetting sounds complicated, but when you get a feel for it, it isn't hard to do.....:D

The jets are located in the carbuerator, and function like small valves controlling the amount of air and fuel going to the combustion chamber. Changing the sizes of jets will change the air/fuel mixture Ie: more gas than air or more air than gas. For example. usually when you add an aftermarket exhaust pipe to a stock bike, the performance pipe will flow more air quicker. thats why you "adjust The gas valve, (larger jet) to flow more gas More air/gas through the carb quicker means more power.

When you here about "air box mods" this allows more air into the carbuerator thus requiring "jetting" changes to allow more gas also.

Try looking through a shop manual and in the carbuerator section you will usually see some pictures of all the parts and jets. :D:D

Jetting is slang for taking a plane. Example....."I'm jetting out to Cali for the weekend".

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