chevy mods

I own a 97 Chevy 1500 4.3 V6 vortec. Everything is stock on it. It has 142000 miles and i want to get a little more oomph and gas mileage. Hell, ill settle for mileage and no power right now. Anyone have any suggestions. I was thinking KN filter. I dont want to spend a lot, ie: get a new exhaust or engine. just a couple of hundred dollars.and yes, i know its its a puny V6, but i a m planning on getting something bigger int the next few years.

sell it and get a ford, best upgrade imaginable :D:eek::D:D:eek:

sell it and get a ford, best upgrade imaginable :D:eek::D:D:eek:

:eek: he said he wanted power, not spontaneous combustion :D

1) K&N


3) Megaflow Cat. back

4)Superchips or equivalent


:D he said he wanted power, not spontaneous combustion :eek:

LMAO :D:D:D:eek: :eek: I prefer their sound over Magnaflows but really anything. I'd do chip, CAI, Exhaust, stuff like that.

Save your money for the next vehicle. You didn't say if it was a 4x2 or 4x4, but the biggest factor in a truck's fuel economy is how far it is off the road. Lowering the intake restriction without lowering the exhaust restriction won't do a lot anyway. As I recall the mid to late 90's GM trucks have an intake muffler bolted to a metal bracket on the right front fenderwell. Get rid of the intake muffler and substitute a section of 4" dryer vent to go from the air cleaner to the fender opening and call it good.

Well, not to hijack this thread, but I didnt want to start another one. I have a 1999 CHevy Blazer(Fullsize) and I am thinking about getting a 4-6" lift kit and 35's on it. I am not sure of how great it will look though. What do you think...would it look good? Also, what is the best manufacturer for lift kits and also offroad rims? I'll search for tires myself. I also put money in on a 1991 Chevy 1500 pickup in pristine condition. I may wait til the raffle is drawn to do anything to the Blazer because I would sure like to lift the truck instead. :D

Any help is appreciated :D

My friend has a 99 Blazer and lifted it 6 inches. He could only fit 32's with minor trimming. What he did is a axle flip kit in the back and shackles (his springs were saggin) and front a-arms and spindles. It's a fabtech kit for a s-10. For the spindles, you will need s-10 calipers and rotors. The fabtech was garbage though. Made the front tires stick out almost 2" more in the front, and you practally had to design the kit instead of installing it.

Back to the topic, KandN is a waste of money. You are not really gaining that much horsepower out of it and you are letting more dirt in your engine. The FIPK is garbage too. Since there is no shield around the filter, you are sucking more hot air in than cold air. Your better off with the stock box, or a cold air intake that has a box build around it that brings air from a cool area i.e the underside of the truck.

The exhaust manifolds on 90's chevy motors are extremely restrictive. A set good good flowing headers will help a lot

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