powdercoationg question

i'm thinking about getting my valve cover, engine and clutch covers powder coated red. do you guys have any idea how much it will cost?

It depends on what colors you choose. If you go with a color that they run often (i.e. black), then you're probably looking at ~$40 to $70 depending on the shop. If you're looking for a color that's not normally used, then figure another $~20 to ~30 on top of those costs. Most shops have minimum prices, so if you want more items powder coated, then get all your other goodies thrown in there at the same time for the same price or a little bit more. I had my side cases, Flexx bar cross braces, a fork brace and part of my license plate bracket powder coated for my dual sport bike in a custom color and it cost me $60. I had it done in "black chome" and it came out nice. Here's what the black-chrome looks like under different light & background colors.





i had my frame, swingarm, and subframe all done in a candy "bling" red for $100


Used to powdercoat all of our frames back in 95 and was about 80dollars then but frame is alot bigger than what you want to do.I would think about 40-50 dollars,i know the more you do is cheaper per item so do everything or Friends at once.As long as same color because setting up is the time factor.

Not sure about powder coating but I got all my stuff anodized red for 60 bucks. That was the minimum the shop charged since they do mostly commercial size stuff. Tha was in colorado springs and they do powder coating too. The company was Finishes LTD. thier phone number is 719-390-4300. Great work at a good price.

can you anodize magnesium? how does that work anyway? i understand powder coating, but anodizing is like over my head.

That is THE cleanest XR650R ever. I thought mine was clean, but.........

1) What kind of red? Flat red(ie:little red wagon) or a special red? Believe me, their is about 280 different red powders.

2) Do you want high temp powder or not? You probably don't need it, but it's an option.

3) How fast do you need it?

Since it would be a tiny job it would more than likely be put in with another larger job.

A special red (metallic) high temp and if you need it say, next day, I'd charge you about $100. Give me until next week. I'd do it for $80.

Flat red non-high temp would just be a shop minimun. Which is $50.

You can anodize magnuisem but it doesnt turn out well. Powdercoating is ok for magnuisem because they sandblast the top coat and it looks great. Powdercoating is difinitly way cheaper than anodizing.

i dont' think it needs to be high temp. i mean it gets hot, but not like 800 degrees hot.......or at least it shouldn't get that hot. but i do want like a metallic or chrome red. or maybe like a nice candy red......maybe that one cuz it would look more like the honda red.....i dunno. and i can sandblast my stuff before i send it somewhere if i have to send it somewhere. there is a place here semi-local that i will get in contact with sometime this week. but basically i'm lookin between 50 and 100 bucks, which is kinda what i figured.

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