Talk about good looking!

I've only got a chance to see pictures in the magazines and online, but the new 450's..scratch that all the new Kawi's are sweet looking bikes. Very sharp. Even though I'm partial to blue, if I had the money for a new bike I'd be all over this new 450. It has me drooling.

Looks can be deceiving. What about reliability issues?

I was just talking about looks. I have no idea on reliability. I don't think anyone does. I barely have the money to get the used bikes I'm eyeing.

Looks can be deceiving. What about reliability issues?

what about'em?

Looks really SWEEEET and hopefully someone I know will buy one so I can ride it beforehand to help make a decision on whether to drop the cash or not.

As far as reliability, I can say that it should be tons better than the original 250F. I know one of the guys that did endurance testing on the 450F. He said that they had no problems throughout their test. I think they do 50 hours of endurance testing. The suspension was soft, but they were still working on the suspension while the endurance test was going on. I think Kawasaki learned from the mistakes of the 04 250F. The 450F was not at all rushed like that bike. They have had plenty of time to get things sorted out before going to production. I can't wait to get one!!!

what about'em?

They are "issues" with the green bikes.

They are "issues" with the green bikes.

any specifics come to mind? No issues with mine, or any green bike i have owned for that matter...

I think Yamaha has everyone beat hands down in the reliability category of the 450's. The motors are bullet-proof for the most part.

ya its a good looking bike but they still should have made it a five speed.

I saw a 2006 kx250 on Friday and I was taken back by the new look of the bike. The triple clamps look like the one's on Bubba's bike and so do the graphics. This isn't just the best looking Kawasaki, but one of the best looking stock bikes I've ever seen.

Yeah how does everyone feel about it being a 4 speed? Isn't the Zuki one to?

Yeah how does everyone feel about it being a 4 speed? Isn't the Zuki one to?

I think the Zuke is a 5 but im not quite sure. I wouldnt mind having a four speed only because a lot of natural terrain MX tracks like Glen Helen and others that i ride, would be a lot more friendly to the 4 speed in a sence that there would be less shifting...i do ride desert a lot and it would be nice to have the 5th gear out there, but i dont ride desert enough to where i couldnt get over it.

What made them decide to go with the 4 speed was that about 70% of the people that would buy the bike will use it for mainly MX so thats what the bike is set up for. But i can see the definate need for some off-roaders to have the five speed...

the Suzuki 450 is a 4 speed, and it works quite well.

the Suzuki 450 is a 4 speed, and it works quite well.

cool, thanks for the confirmation :banghead:

Ty Davis races a yz450f in the best in the desert series and he used the stock 4 speed tranny. Some people just like to whine about a bike being four speed.

I like the looks of the KX except for the various slots cut out on the right side numberplate.

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      I took this off my bike because i am selling the bike .  This really  is a magic bullet, it made my 2016 kx 450 awesome for woods racing and technical riding!  The Throttle body was sent to Wade Wilcox at Injectioneering, I told him I was having issues with the bike stalling in tight  technical sections  and wanted a little smoother bottom end power.  He worked his magic,  and all I can say is wow!  This was by far the best mod I did to the Kawasaki kx450 . As wade described it to me, the stock butterfly does not sit straight up and down in the bore, so when you open the thrlttle the slightest bit you go from 0 to 10% power instantly.  Injectioneering bored the venturi and set the butterfly straight up and down giving you usable 0 - 10% power along with many other mods.   Also with a bigger bore  when it comes on the pipe it actually pulls a little harder, best of both worlds!  There is no turn around time with this, waiting and or wondering when you will get your parts back.
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      Yesterday my friends KXF450 with 3 hours on it lost all air in the fork after landing.
      He´s lucky he didn´t crash his brains out.
      Does anyone ells had this problem?
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      Hey So let me give you the background of my bike so I can rule out all possibilities.—it is a 2006 kx450f I just recently rebuilt the whole engine Crank/bearings/rod/piston/valves and the head got beat up by a dropped valve so I sent that away for repair. So basically the engine is %100 new. I rode it 4-5 time a total of 10-15 hours since ALL of that work…Now to the problem---
      On my last ride I had white smoke while riding and it shut off. turned out to be coolant in my oil.
      So far the only thing Ive changed is the water pump gasket on the outside. I though it might be the head, i.e a crack so I did a compression test and got VERY low readings. Every time I did it, it was BELOW 50 PSI but It holds it does not leak. What else could this be??
      Maybe multiple things?
      Cases not seal right?
      Piston rings?
      Head gasket installed incorrectly?