A/P Diaphram

will a ripped A/P diaphram cause my bike to bog? it never used to bog and now that it bogs i took the carb apart looking for dirt and i noticed that the A/P diaphram was torn... is the torn diaphram causing my bog all of a sudden??? any input would b great

i'm pretty sure it would cause all kinds of "wierd" problems.

you need a new one.

That would definitely cause a bog. The a/p wont work for crap with a torn diaphram (obviously).

btw type in diaphram and hit spell check......

Definitely will cause bog. With it torn it can't squirt much gas!

thanks every body and sorry for spelling diaphragm wrong!!!!

o and i checked the A/P NO squirt with that diaphragm torn!!! new one on its way!!

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