yz400f flywheel on a wr400f?

izit possible to replace a yz400f flywheel on a wr400f? :D

do i need to replace the cdi if i proceed wif this mod?

has anyone done dis b4?

need some guidance from the Gurus out there... :D

thanks in advance.. :D

the timing wont change, but the yzf flywheel is lighter so all you're doing is lightening the flywheel. the effect this would have is that the bike will rev faster but they will also drop off faster too which may make climbing snotty hills a little more difficult as it will lose momentum faster

Keep in mind that you will have much lower lighting coil current output if you put the YZ flywheel on your WR.

thanks guys for those info.. :D

I have one for sale if you want to try it. Just let me know, make an offer.


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