Learning how to ride.

Hey guys. I have alot of experiance on quads, and very little on some friends dirtbikes. now i may be getting a bike of my own. Any good tips you can throw at me that might up my learning curve. I might be going to this motocross learning school thingie. hopefully that'll help. any good books, like riding for dumbies or something.

RIght now, as far as quads go, i've hit that point where i can jump on pretty much any quad and just feel one with the machine in a few seconds. you know how that feels, when the machine is an extension of you. i'd like to get like that with bikes.

Check out the Gary Semics videos. They're good for learning the basics. Go to the TT MX Techniques forum, and click through the ad for Gary Semics MX Schools (he's a sponsor of TT and the moderator of the MX forum) :D

Beyond that, just poke around the MX and Off-Road Techniques forums and read through some of the threads. They're a *great* source of info!

my advice is just ride ride ride

and dont worry, it is completely normal to feel and look a lot cooler on a bike. dont be alarmed...its just part of making the transition :D

Ride with your buddies and tell them to take it easy for you and riding behind them will show you a lot of technique. I learned how to ride by riding behind my dad for a few months and people at the track say our styles are almost identical. So just ride a lot with people who know what their doing and you will slowly pick on thing after thing.

I say just get used to riding around some easy areas, go up some hills and down. Just practice. Try and always center your weight on your pegs, whether accelerating or slowing down.

Also try riding on a variety of terrain, i.e. gravel/mud/hardpack/sand. Get a feel for how your bike will handle on these. Another important tip is to always look ahead of you, pick lines and navigate your way around obstacles, you don't want to be staring at your front tire. Because you won't be able to effectively balance your weight for upcoming obstacles.

keep the rubber side down :D

get some seat time :D

Yeah, thats how i learned to ride quads at 8, riding behind my stepdad. so did my brother and step-brother. so thats why i know exactly what there going to do in almsot every situation......

Unfortunetly im the ONLY bike rider around. or will be. My whole family is into quads. every male in my family has a quad. Im somewhat of a pioneer now. I noticed everyone has quads, so i wanted something different (and faster :D )its good to mix things up.

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