What is considerd high miles?

I went and looked at a 2000 KTM LC4 640 today and over all, it looked really nice. It had 9000+ miles on it, it ran good and rode nice. The guy said he bought it new and has only ridden it on road. Would this be considerd high mileage (for a dual sport) or ??? How long should these engines last? Also, he is asking $3,650 for it, is this a fair asking price?

Also, is does vibrate a little bit, the owner said it has done this since new and i do remember in a older dirt bike magazine article, they also said it did this. Is this someting i should worry about? Thanks!

I sold my first '98 RXCe620 when it had 8400 "aggressive" miles on it and it ran like a top and used no oil. 9000 miles is not a big deal if it has been maintained properly and had the oil changed and air filter cleaned regularly. I rode a buddys '99 640 and compared to my current '98 620, it was noticeable smoother and more powerful. Yes, they vibrate a bit but not bad. It just depends on what you are used to. Go to Kelly blue book to check price. There are always a few on e-bay, that's the best place to get true values on stuff.


'98 RXCe400

'98 RXCe620

The KTM LC4 series engines, especially the latest ones have been highly refined and evolved....they are bullet proof, and ultra reliable....after all they were developed in Ralley and long distance racing....and have had many years of refinements over the years to get rid of any and all bugs...they, the KTM LC4 engines are one of the most reliable of all the modern thumpers out there......

9000 miles on this engine means its just getting broke in......its not unusual for these bikes/engines to get 30K -50K miles one the engine with only routine service........there are a few out there with even more miles on a std motor....

The bottom line is the service history and care the bike has received by its owners....was it properly run in???...all regular service done and on or ahead of schedule? Clean air filters....not used as a part time submarine.....

If in doubt, have a dealer check it out...................


Well, i made him an offer of $3,450 and he agreed on it. I will be picking it up tomarrow. Thanks for the info!

I've got 22000 on a 97,just regular oil changes, clean the air filter when it's dirty and check the valve clearance once in a while.

I once saw video of factory LC4 engine testing.

Bare naked 660 LC4 engine strapped to a metal roll-cage type rack with a simulated load and have tubes feeding it fuel and air, exhaust is vented out.. the video lapse time was 72 hours, engine ran at 7000 rpm once warmed up.

No mechanical failure.. I want to know what kind of oil they were using and what the piston and rings look like after that test.

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