Knee Pads/Elbow Pads

Best to were under pants/jersey or on outside ?

Seems easier to put on outside but maybe the pants or jersey

would help hold them in place.



wear the knee pads under the pants, if you don't want to look llike a nerd, the pants were made for pads under them. As for the elbow pads, I don't know, I don't wear them.

i dont wear em either

I wear Thor Force knee guards under my riding pants (over my jeans on trail work days). Elbow guards are part of my EVS BJ22 jacket and I wear it under my jersey.

I just got some sixsixone knee pads last week.

I used to never wear them but crashed really easily on sand the last time I was out. My knee drove right into my footpeg and it bit into my knee and punctured it in three places. I couldn't walk for a friggin' week!

Where both knee and elbow pads under the clothing. This helps to keep them in place when you are sliding across the dirt. Besides, you won't look like a dork if you where them under the clothing!!

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